Commercial Services:


Footings & Walls

Gullwing Contracting prides itself on reinforcing concrete footings and walls utilizing the industries latest rebar tieing technology for speed and productivity.


Superflat Floor Capabilities

Superflat floors are constructed to far tighter tolerances than conventional floor slabs using a specialized tolerance system call the “Fmin” (F minimum) tolerance system. The Fmin system is based upon defining the maximum variation in a floor surface for a particular lift truck. Gullwing Contracting owns and operates state of the art laser screed machine to exceed these tolerances and achieve a superior finished product. 


UHPC overlay

(UHPC) as an attractive alternative for a deck overlay, minimizing both deck deterioration and maintenance costs. Gullwing Contracting was the first Company in the United States to pour the UHPC overlay for a new bridge construction.
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General Refridgeration

31,500 SF Concrete Pour